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Farooq Hospital DHA is the upcoming most modern and high-end hospital with 300+ beds. A place where a legacy of highly professional, trusted, latest diagnostic, surgical facilities, and reliable medical specialties will be available. Keep following us as we take you through the journey of building a facility that you can trust and rely on.
Located on Main Ghazi Road, Farooq Hospital DHA is opening in September 2022. For More


To be a leader in Lahore in the diagnosis and management of diseases and become the 1st choice of the patients nationwide & internationally, and train great physician nurses and paramedics for the future by 2030


Our mission is to save human lives and prevent disabilities by ensuring timely diagnosis and management of the patients. We are thriving to offer 24/7 quality patient care services in DHA, within a facility that is easily accessible and ensures patient safety with the support of a team of skilled physicians and surgeons, and medical and paramedical staff.

To offer updated medical reports along with patient instruction by using the latest HMIS system. We aim to generate adequate revenue for the hospital for further growth and to sustain its service in the community. We are seeking continuous quality improvement and ethical medical practice while preserving patient confidentiality as per international standards.

To offer ultramodern space for patients and their attendants. We will offer patients and family education in a language patients can understand. A place where employees feel comfortable working and have opportunities for their career growth




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All exposed surfaces of the house should be cleaned using a bleach-containing cleanser to kill all germs. It’s best to wear rubber gloves while cleaning. The cleaning rags should be then disposed of or sanitized with hot water and bleach before the next use.

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